Casa Mahler Casa Mahler

Mahler & LeWitt Studios

The Mahler & LeWitt Studios, a program of residencies and special projects for all the arts, has been based at Casa Mahler, former studio of stone sculptor Anna Mahler (1904-1988), and the neighbouring studios of Sol LeWitt (1928-2007) since 2015. The Torre Bonomo, a medieval tower once used as a residency and exhibition space by the gallerist Marilena Bonomo (1928-2014), is also central to the program. Recent projects include Tai Shani: The Neon Hieroglyph and Lina Hermsdorf: Bona Dea (both 2021), and Allison Katz: Traforati (2019). The residencies provide a focused and stimulating environment for artists, curators and writers to develop new ways of working in dialogue with peers and the unique cultural heritage of the region.